Madiba: Let’s Show Some Respect


Our beloved former President, Nelson Mandela was admitted to a Pretoria hospital yesterday.

The world media has turned the spotlight on our country and messages of support are pouring in from all corners of the globe.

It is sad and disappointing  to see some, especially on social media, being grossly insensitive. They say there is no need to pray for Tata and others say let him die.

Yes Madiba is old and yes he will not live forever, but in respect to the family and millions of people who hold him dear, there is no place for insensitivity.

I tweeted earlier today: “@Abramjee: Some of the comments about #Madiba are so insensitive. Let’s show respect.”

Someone responded:

” FREEDOM of speech rules the world my friend, how it is.”

What we conveniently forget is with freedom of speech and expression comes responsibility.

Let’s be sensitive and show respect. I agree with this tweet… “@craigbjacobs: Whether you were in prison with him or a Brit right winger, I’m not interested in your thoughts on Mandela. Can’t we just reflect and pray.”

Let’s be sensitive and let’s show respect. Those who make inappropriate comments must hang their heads in shame.

Get well Madiba. I am joining millions around the world and saying a prayer.


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