Using technology to combat crime in South Africa

With the multitude of emergency numbers available in South Africa getting help is not as clear cut as it should be.

Adding to the frustration is the time wasted due to the lack of information available to the emergency operator.

They don’t know who you are, or where you are.

Namola, a free emergency safety app, supported by Dialdirect Insurance, takes the hassle out of getting help in an emergency.

The moment a Namola user pushes the button to request assistance, the app sends through the user’s GPS location and emergency profile so that the user’s dedicated Namola operator knows immediately where the user is and who they are. With a quick confirmation of the nature of the emergency, the Namola operator will then coordinate the right help for the emergency and send the user the help they need.

Thanks to innovative thinking, Namola uses technology to ensure that you are able to get help, no matter the scenario. For example, if a user can’t speak, Namola’s in-app chat feature allows an alternative method of communication with the Namola operator and the first responders. Even if the user is on the move, the GPS location will constantly be updated, giving South Africans peace of mind that no matter what the situation, they can let someone know that they need help.

Namola knows that every emergency is different. In addition to having over 1400 geofenced control rooms on their database, Namola has added counselling services, social workers and community safety initiatives to the ways South Africans can get help.

Recently, the company launched their latest innovation, Namola Watch, which allows established Neighbourhood Watch teams to respond to reported incidents in their communities faster than before.

“Namola has changed the way that we are able to respond to emergencies in our community,” says Graham Holmquist of Riga Rescue, a Namola Watch Responder.

”Knowing the type as well as the exact coordinates of the emergency cuts down time and allows us to give help faster than before. Whenever we get to the scene of an emergency that has not been reported via Namola, we ensure as many people on scene download the Namola App there and then.”

Namola encourages South Africans not only to get help for themselves with Namola, but to use it as a trusted resource to get others in your community help.

“It’s great to see that so many people are using Namola to report emergencies on behalf of others,” says Maanda Tshifularo, Head of Namola’s sponsor, Dialdirect Insurance. ”We love that Namola is fast becoming the tool of choice to combat crime and make communities in South Africa a safer place to live.”

Namola is available as a free download at

*Yusuf Abramjee is the Chief Ambassador for the Namola/DialDirect safety app and an anti-crime activist.

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