20 000+ CITIZENS SUPPORT #TakeBackTheTax


29 October 2018

The #TakeBackTheTax campaign has surpassed a significant milestone and is thrilled to announce that over 20 000 citizens have added their names to this important campaign.

#TakeBackTheTax was launched a few months ago and calls on Government, SARS and law enforcement agencies to urgently act and “take immediate steps” to combat the trade of illegal cigarettes.

By acting against illicit cigarette traders, the South African economy could take back at least R7 billion in potential tax revenue every year.

This money could be used to put back into communities, and areas of the SA economy that need it most.

The illicit cigarette trade is a huge problem in South Africa, yet cigarettes that cost as little as R5 remain widely available and are found in almost all informal shops in the country. This is illegal.

It is now clear that South Africans agree that this practice must stop and that Government must #TakeBackTheTax as a matter of urgency.

#TakeBackTheTax spokesperson, Yusuf Abramjee, said it’s evident that this campaign has massive support: “I’ve personally visited several shopping centers across the country and spoken to people who have pledged their full support. They are 100% behind us!”

“South Africans are tired of unethical business practices and are now demanding that the relevant authorities #TakeBackTheTax” added Abramjee.

Abramjee has also vowed that this is just the beginning, “We are committed to this campaign and are calling on all South Africans to keep signing their names to this petition so that we can double and triple this number”.

“We will continue to engage with Government and SARS at the highest levels, in an attempt to get them to act. These illicit cigarette traders and manufacturers are acting with impunity and they are literally robbing our country daily”.

Abramjee added that the R7 billion in lost money is only the tip of the iceberg.

“This is money that could be helping the poorest of the poor, money that could be invested in policing, the healthcare system, education, social grants and so much more. Why are we allowing criminal enterprises to rob our people?”

All those law abiding citizens who wish to add their names to the #TakeBackTheTax campaign can visit takebackthetax.org. They can also follow
@takebackthetax on Twitter.

By 9.30am this morning, a total of 21690 people signed the submission.

Abramjee said #TakeBackTheTax cautiously welcomes the announcement by acting SARS commissioner, Mark Kingon, that a special unit was being established to clampdown on the illicit trade.

We believe some 58 cases are currently under investigation.

“We welcome the start of some raids but so far they have not even scratched the surface. It is not small shops that need to be the focus of SARS’ efforts but big wholesalers and the illegal manufacturers themselves. We need sustained operations and we need to stop the illegal tobacco trade.

“We appeal to the public to blow the whistle on the illegal trade. Please contact SARS and pass on information anonymously.”

Abramjee said he remained hopeful that SARS was going to act.

“We want to see sustained operations targeting the big fish, not just small resellers”

At the SARS Inquiry, it became evident that suspended commissioner Tom Moyane, ordered a slow down of operations into the illicit trade.

“The tax holiday for illegal tobacco must end. We need the laws to be implemented. Citizens are calling for this. Instead of increasing taxes, #TakeBackTheTax, the billions that are being evaded,” Abramjee added.


Yusuf Abramjee
Cell 082 4414 203
(Please call/text via What’s App)
Twitter: @abramjee



Over 20 000 citizens have signed a #TaxBackTheTax submission calling for urgent action to stop the sale of illegal cigarettes.



Fikile Mbalula was appointed as the new Police Minister at the end of March.

Mbalula started making his mark from day one in office. He hit the ground running and he is certainly keeping the momentum as his 100 days in office fast approaches.

Mbalula, as I have said from the very beginning, is the right man for the job. He is young, dynamic, energetic and he gets things done. That’s what the police needed for a very long time. Let’s not forget he was deputy minister of police some years ago so he knows the problems within the SAPS.

Two major decisions were made by the Minister within the first two months or so in office: He got rid of Hawks Head Berning Ntlemeza and he replaced General Khomotso Phahlane, the acting national commissioner.

Mbalula’s predecessor, Nathi Nhleko, was useless. He did little and under his tenure morale in the police remained low.

Mbalula is slowly starting to restore confidence in the police. Yes, morale is low and a lot of work needs to be done.

The good thing is that the man known as “Razzmatazz” is starting to motivate the men and women in blue.

While Sports and Recreation Minister, Mbalula mobilized the nation and put South African sport on the map.

We need to support the Police Minister and re-committed ourselves to #MakeSAsafe

Crime is out of control. Criminals are running amok, as Mbalula says. We have a national crisis and we must deal with it with extreme urgency.

We have many committed and dedicated police officers. We must support them. Those who are corrupt must be arrested and given orange overalls. Those who are lazy must be shown the door.

Let’s hope that Mbalula also:

*increases police visibility as a matter of urgency.
*beefs-up police the resources so that they can fight crime effectively.
*get the police to improve service delivery at all levels.
*improves the standard of detective work.
*brings back the specialized, dedicated police units such as narcotics and the anti-corruption.
*get the police to embrace technology in the fight against crime including apps, facial recognition, body cameras. etc.
*appoints a permanent national commissioner as a matter of urgency.
*appoints a Police Ombudsman to handle service delivery complaints.
*get the courts to stop the easy granting of bail to suspects linked to serious crimes.
*mobilizes civil society to join hands with law enforcement agencies to fight crime.
*improves the salaries of policemen and women, especially in the lower ranks, and
*improve police communication which is not up to scratch.

Mbalula is a man of action. Within days of taking office as the Police Minister, he got operations going to clampdown on drug dealers in Laudium outside Pretoria, he went to Soshanguve north of the city to engage the community and was on the ground on the Cape Flats where gang violence is rife. He also went to Eldorado Park outside Johannesburg and Vuwani in Limpopo during violent protests.

The Minister also visited a number of police stations unannounced and I’m sure we going to see more.

He went to the 10111 Centre in Midrand to see how they operate for himself. I’m told it was the first Minister of Police to have visited the centre in years. Let’s hope he resolves the labour dispute between 10111 Call Centre operators and the SAPS.

We as South Africans have to roll up our sleeves and join hands to fight crime.

We have to hold the police to account. They are here to serve and protect us. Let’s not forget that Mbalula is the political head and the national commissioner is operational.

We need to give acting police boss, Lt Gen Lesetja Mothiba the support also. He is an experienced cop.

I was happy to see EFF commander-in-chief Julius Malema tweeting recently: “It looks like Minister of Police is on a mission & needs our undivided support,we need more aggressive response when dealing with criminals.”

Let’s bring #WanyaTsotsi and #CrimeMustFall to life. Let’s #MakeSAsafe

And of course, you can follow @MbaluluFikile on Twitter…he is really active!
-Yusuf Abramjee is an anti-crime activist and Namola’s Chief Ambassador.
*This is his personal view.

Twitter: @abramjee

Abramjee calls on locals not to fight in Syria

Media statement
Sunday 26 Feb 2017

Abramjee calls on locals not to fight in Syria

Port-Elizabeth: A leading social cohesion advocate, activist and member of the Muslim community has called on locals not to travel to Syria and other other conflict regions to join in the wars.

Yusuf Abramjee was addressing over 200 women at a ladies fundraising breakfast in Fairlands Port Elizabeth today.

He said news emerged last week that two young men from South Africa were killed in the Syria conflict. They apparently joined rebel groups.

Abramjee said the one victim was from Port Elizabeth and the other from Durban. Both were in the 20’s.

“We as South Africans have no business to go and fight abroad. Our
laws prohibit it also. I am happy many Muslim leaders agree it is not ‘Jihad’,” Abramjee said.

He called on South African youth not to be indoctrinated. “Let’s rather focus our energies and efforts on humanitarian needs and make a difference by assisting the victims of the war.”

Abramjee said the #SAveSyria initiative by #OperationSA raised almost R14m in under two months.

The donations were distributed to seven charities. “We will ensure that every rand donated goes to those in need and not for salaries, commissions, travel costs, etc.

“I salute the ladies of Port Elizabeth for taking the lead and assisting Syrian families now living in the Eastern Cape.

“You are showing you care. You are correctly focusing on the educational needs of the refugee children. Let’s continue to support those in need,” Abramjee told the guests.

He said “immigrants and refugees are human. They are our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and children. People like US President Donald Trump show no respect to immigrants and refugees. Shame on him!”

Abramjee said suffering in Syria was of “epic proportions and we must continue to assist when and where we can.

“Representatives from several SA charities have travelled to the region to assist with humanitarian efforts. Please continue to assist,” he added.

Abramjee said the Turkish based IHH Humanitarian organization was building the world’s largest orphanage in the border town of Reyhanli. Over 1100 children will be accommodated when it is officially opened in a few weeks. “The harsh winter conditions have delayed building work.

Abramjee said South African NGO’s including the Al Imdaad Foundation and Jamiatul Ulama SA have donated towards the modern facility.

He said a recent national cake sale by women’s groups raised R1,3-million. “This will be used for a Trauma Support Centre run by the IHH. Rape victims are being treated here.”

Abramjee said “people from across religious and cultural backgrounds donated towards #SAveSyria. It showed what we achieve if we stand united. This is what Ubuntu is about.”

Abramjee said the Syrian regime “had to be also strongly condemned for killing innocent civilians. They are murderers and our government must take a stand and condemn them.”

“Killing innocent people, be it by the Syrian regime, ISIS or any other group is unacceptable. We must all say NO to violence,” Abramjee added.

With kind regards

Yusuf Abramjee
Cell 082 4414 203
Twitter: @abramjee

‪#SAveSyria #OperationSA.

Posted by Yusuf Abramjee @abramjee and share please.

Monday 2 January 2017

‪#SAveSyria #OperationSA.

We arrived in Istanbul Turkey earlier today and flew to Hatay, some 2 hours away.

I am part of the Al-Imdaad Foundation team which includes Qari Ziyaad Patel, Ayesha Patel and Moulana’s Abdulla Chohan and Mohammed Motala.

After briefings by executives of the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, in Reyhanli, I fully understood the mass scale of the suffering.

Over the next three days, we’ll be visit refugee camps/orphanages and will also engage with NGO’s.

Reyhanli is on the Turkish/Syrian border.

The IHH, which has some 650 employees, runs a massive humanitarian programme in this region. I counted some 100 trucks loaded with aid for the refugees (with food, blankets, mattresses etc) ready to go to the various camps.

The regional IHH HQ is massive and it very well organized and professional.

The Al-Imdaad Foundation is the main Southern African partner of the IHH. Qari Ziyaad Patel and his team are regular visitors to the region to oversee the humanitarian programmes.

Here are some of the facts and figures we were given today:

*There are some 3-million Syrian refugees on the border with Turkey.

*In Reyhanli (2km from the Syrian border) where we are there are 120 000 refugees.

*There are about 1-million young refugees and only 50% go to school.

*There are 1500 orphans (ages 1 to 12) in Reyhanli alone. There are just over 30 000 orphans along the border area.

@IHHen runs 40 bakeries and 2-Million loaves of bread are distributed to refugees daily.

*There are 250 refugees in Reyhanli who are paralyzed. Many are children. They were shot while others were injured by bombs.

*Some women refugees are prostituting themselves to support their children.

*@IHHen says “block houses” are needed urgently. Costs: 8000US$ (about R120 000). It is in Syria 5km from Turkish border. Thousands of these houses are needed for refugees.

*@IHHen says they are in need of blankets and warm clothing. It’s freezing here and it’s about to snow.

*@IHHen says baby food is also needed. In additional, there is a need for clothing
and medicines. Diapers are needed too.

*Aleppo is 50km from where we are. Idlib is about 10km across the border. There are also several refugee camps in this area served by IHH.

*@IHHen says people must work with local NGO’s in their countries such as @Alimdaad and others to ensure aid arrives swiftly. Cash donations is the quickest way to get the aid where it is needed most.

*The Tiny Hearts Village will be the biggest orphanage in the world when it is opened here soon. We looked at the model and will visit the site on Wednesday. It’s almost compete.

*In Reyhanli, some children brave the cold and rain begging for food. It breaks ones heart.

The Al-Imdaad has also channeled funds raised by itself and #OperationSA to various IHH programmes. We will monitor the distribution over the next 48 hours.

LET’S CONTINUE TO PLEDGE AND ASSIST THOSE IN NEED. SMS 072 3 99 99 99 or go to www.operationsa.org

Now is the time to #SAveSyria

The next few days are going to be tough as we see the scale of suffering. We have been warned that what we are about to see if heart-breaking and distressing. Volunteers who have been here from across the world leave traumatized and the images continue to haunt them.

#OperationSA has received several requests from people back home who want to come and volunteer with humanitarian efforts. It’s on our agenda with the IHH and the Al-Imdaad Foundation for discussion.

We have also received scores of enquiries about people who want to adopt orphans. Experts here say this is not an option for now because taking children out of this environment can be detrimental and there are a number of legal issues as well.

Thank you 🇿🇦 for your support. Let’s continue to make a difference.

Follow @abramjee and @qariziyaadpatel on Twitter for regular updates.


SUNDAY 11 December 2016


A Cape Town philanthropist and businessman has pledged to construct a multi-million rand community resource centre in honour of social activist Yusuf Abramjee.

Neil de Beer made the announcement at the new Al-Ikhaas Library and Resource Centre in Lansdowne where Abramjee presented 40 coffee table books to senior citizens who have not been on Hajj (pilgrimage).

De Beer said Nedebe International “would join Abramjee on his mission of promoting social cohesion and my friend and brother and is a true inspiration to millions. We want to ensure that his good work is showcased in all corners of our country and across the globe.”

He said “finer details of the R5-million project would be released in the New Year.

“Communities will be invited to make submissions. We are looking at a media/rescource centre incorporating a library. It will be known as the ‘Yusuf Abramjee Community Centre.’ ”

Awqaf South Africa said it would donate the land for the project.

Deputy CEO Mickaeel Collier said his charity was committed to assisting communities in need “where ever and when ever we can.”

Abramjee said “the announcement took him by surprise. I am delighted that we will be making a difference in our communities. Education is a priority and we must all continue doing good and serving. I am honoured and humbled.”

Abramjee and Chairman of the Al-Ikhlaas Library and Resource Centre, Dr Elias Parker, announced that two senior citizens will be sponsored to undertake Hajj next year. De Beer pledged to pay the costs of an additional two.

Abramjee’s coffee table book has over 400 photographs of this year’s Hajj. Proceeds are going to two charities: Awqaf SA and Crescent Lifestyle.

Speaking at the handing-over ceremony, Reverend Phillip Bam, said “we all have to work together and show more religious tolerance. Yusuf’s book does this. As I page through it, it shows me what Hajj is all about.”

Professor Khadijah Moloi of the Vaal University of Technology said “everyone had a duty to assist those in need. Seeing our fathers and mothers receiving this special gift brought tears to my eyes. She said Yusuf book took Hajj into thousands of homes. It is not a coffee table book but rather and educational book.”

De Beer announced recently that he would be donating 100 of Abramjee’s books to libraries.

The 40 books, costing R750 each, were sponsored by the General Manager of the Saudi Arabia Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC).


40 #Hajj2016 books were distributed to people who have not been on pilgrimage in Cape Town on Sunday.


Yusuf Abramjee (left) distributed his #Hajj2016 book to senior citizens. Seated: Businessman Neil de Beer and Jasmina Ratcliffe (70). Jainodien Stuurman (67) and Dawood Esack also received books from Yusuf Abramjee (right) and Dr Elias Parker from the Al Ikhlaas Library and Resource Centre.


With kind regards

Yusuf Abramjee
Cell 082 4414 203
Twitter: @abramjee

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