#DearMrPresident – SA Citizens Speak Up

The hashtag #DearMrPresident continues to trend as South African citizens have their say on the topic sparked by a letter I penned to the President on Wednesday. I can confirm that I have not yet received a response to my letter and many of you feel that I won’t. However, your response has sparked a fire, which I hope the Presidency will eventually not be able to ignore. I continue to hope that President Zuma will realise that the power that the people have vested in him can make a massive difference if it is channeled towards positive change.

This morning Redi Thlabi asked on 702 and CapeTalk what ideas listeners would direct towards #DearMrPresident. You can find the podcast here.

Thank you for carrying this conversation forward. I end off with some of the many tweets on the subject:

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  • The amount of corruption the Zuma government is implicated in or turns a blind eye to is enough to trigger the Arab spring style of mass mobilisation across South Africa. It’s time someone led us to that action. Enough is enough.

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