#Elections2016 are here!

Wednesday is a public holiday. Many of us with be spending the day with family and friends, having a braai, shopping or just relaxing…

The one thing we must do is to ensure we go out and vote. Polls open at 7am and close at 7pm.

22 years into out democracy, we cannot sit back and think it’s okay not to vote because it’s a waste of time.

Your vote counts. Every person registered to vote must make their mark. Your X counts.

And remember, your vote is your secret.

Local government elections are important. The “bread and butter” issues affect all of us. We need effective delivery and we need our municipalities to deliver on basic services.

We expect only the best service from whoever is going to govern our city after Wednesday’s polls. We need councillors who will serve us with commitment and dedication.

There has been fierce canvassing over recent weeks. Political parties want your vote. When you make your X ensure they deserve it.

Elections will come and go. We have a great democracy and we must all ensure we do our bit. We must hold our public officials to account.

Good luck for Election Day. Let’s wish all the candidates well and it’s your right to vote for a candidate and a party of your choice.

Whatever the outcome of the polls, we must accept it. We must not take the law into our own hands like some did a few weeks ago by protesting violently and looting because they were not happy with a mayoral candidate.

Let #Elections2016 be peaceful. The independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has a track record of running polls efficiently. We are confident of yet another free and fair election. It’s the third local government elections we are having since the dawn of democracy 22 years ago.

If you fail to make your X on Wednesday, you have little reason to complain about local government services. With your vote we will be able to have a high percentage poll.

Tshwane is the capital city. We are all proud residents of this city.

Happy voting!

*Yusuf Abramjee is a Social Cohesion Advocate, Play Your Part Ambassador and Community Activist. Twitter: @abramjee

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